Harry Potter
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second Sexuality: Straight
Third Species: Wizard
Other attributes
Harry James Potter is the main antonagist in the book and film series Harry Potter. He was later used in the fanfiction Spark And Bite written by Gage28170.


Season OneEdit

Changing HumanityEdit

Harry Potter is introduced at McKinley High as the new English teacher. Jake asks who he is and Ryder claims that he heard Mr Potter was a freak. Marley then says they shouldn't judge him before they get to know him. When they arrive at the classroom Harry says hello and says that they are late, to which Marley says sorry. Later, the bell rings at the end of second period. Harry calls Marley, Jake and Ryder over to see him. He asks if Blaine Anderson is still at McKinley. Marley says he graduated the year before, and got a job at The Lima Bean. Ryder asks him why he needs to know, to which Harry responds: No reason but if there was, it would be none of your business, now would it.

Later he enters The Lima Bean looking for Blaine. He finds him and asks if they can talk in the bathroom. In the bathroom, he pulls out his wand and casts a spell. A red spark flies out into Blaine’s chest. Blaine flies backwards, hitting the bathroom stall hard. He falls to the floor, unconscious. Mr. Potter stands on top of the sink and opens what seemed to be a secret compartment. He uses his wand to levitate Blaine into the compartment, before shutting it. Mr. Potter climbs down from the sink, washes his hands, and exits the bathroom.