Rachel Berry
Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second Sexuality: Straight
Third Species: Vampire
Other attributes
Fourth Status: Undead
Fifth Changed By: Klaus
Rachel Barbra Berry is a character from the tv series Glee. She was later used in the fanfiction Spark And Bite written by Gage28170.


Season OneEdit

Changing HumanityEdit

Rachel is first seen ordering a Mocha Frappucino at a coffee shop. She goes outside where Klaus is admiring her from a distance. He persuades her to follow him into an alley where he would drink her blood. In the alley, Klaus rips of Rachel's shirt and starts to drink from her neck. She shrieks, then Damon arrives and tells Klaus to stop. Damon threatens to stake Klaus if he doesn't stop. Klaus claims that staking won't kill him, but Damon reminds him that a White Oat Stake will. Klaus says if Damon doesn't stay away he will kill Rachel. Then he bites his wrist, and shoves it into Rachel's mouth, forcing her to drink. Damon tells Klaus not to do it, but Klaus snaps Rachel's neck, claiming that it was too late. Damon picks Rachel up and hoists her over his shoulder, afterwards rushing off.

Later, Damon rushes into his apartment and lays Rachel on a red couch. Rachel gasps and Damon asks her name, she responds and he claims that her name has 'Star Quality'. After a drawn out conversation, Damon tells Rachel that she is a vampire. Damon gets Rachel a bag of blood. She refuses to drink it saying she is dreaming. When Damon says she will die without the blood, she takes it. After she drinks it, Rachel starts puking it up. Damon then says she needs to drink from an actual human.

Kurt is seen at LaRuse, a restaurant, waiting for Rachel. Finally he reaches Rachel via phone. She says she can't make it to LaRuse and cuts off.

Rachel and Damon are found in New York, searching for someone Rachel can sink her teeth into. Damon shows her a young , tan, and muscular man around the age of 21. Damon says the man is strong so he will recover after she drinks from him. He says that Rachel is stronger than him after she says she wouldn't be able to do it. Rachel introduces herself to the man who says his name is Brad. She gets him into the alley and tells him not to scream. Rachel enjoys his blood. When Damon says she can stop, she continues to drink. Then the head fell of Brad's body. She turns around with blood all around and asks Damon what she did.